Somebody Called Me Sebastiaan - Album II - ENG


In Motion

There was a moment that everything I was holding seemed to disappear. 
The only thing that was left, was trust.

It kept me standing, along with thankfulness and my music. This music.
My writing became a house to live in. 

One that protected me from wind and ice cold rain, 

and gave me warmth and coziness and joie de vivre.

I tried to write this album just for myself,
to find a way to walk my path in beauty. 

But I’m happy to have you here.

You can take off your shoes and leave your jacket over there. Do you want some coffee? Tea? A piece of cake maybe? Take your time and feel at home.
You are very welcome.

Girl - Demo

7 by 7 - Mix

Robin - Demo

Sun in your Eyes - Demo


This 2nd record from Somebody Called Me Sebastian is a search for truth. A pared-down search for 'Who am I?' When everything falls away and dreams shatter, when you fall and feel the bottom, when you want to break out and are held back, what is left then? 'Who am I?'

The end of a relationship in a year where covid closed the stages led Sebastian to the English countryside. In a landscape full of gnarled oaks and robins, the first new songs trickled in. Songs full of hope about the gold that can be found on any black soil. The rest of the songs were written in a Belgian yurt in the middle of nature. This also became the recording studio. And just as life asks you at difficult moments to come full into the now, nature left its sounds in the songs at unpredictable moments.

In Nashville, the circle closed. Together with Brian Macdonald, Sebastiaan is finishing the recordings of "In Motion" into a pure, melodic record full of melancholic sounds and hopeful atmospheres.
This album will be released in the spring of 2024.


Producer/musician: Brain MacDonald - Nashville (Judah & The Lion, Victor Mucho)
Producer/mixer (ovb):Jan Viggria - Farrm - Hasselt (The Guru Guru, Viggria)
Master engineer: Gert Van Hoof (Cochlea Mastering
Artwork: Linne Van Spaendonk


January: finalizing recordings
February/March: Mix & mastering, making business pieces + funding concrete
April: Living room concerts and supports, artwork & videos
May: 1st singe release
Summer: Playing, prepare album release
September: 2nd single

October: Album release with third single

November/December: Tour


I completed my vocal studies at PXL-Music in 2013 (Belgium) with Le Temps Qui Reste as my graduation project, after which I headed to NY to continue writing my life on a new white sheet. Nine months later, I returned with a backpack full of songs to continue making my first solo album in my attic home studio.
As a resident at MoMeNT Tongeren, I turned this into a performance with stories and images throughout the songs, after which I learned the craft of performing in living rooms and cafes with listening audiences. I was also allowed to take the stage at the AINSI in Maastricht and at several Belgian festivals including Dranouter, Suikerrock and the Stadsmuzikantenfestival. You can find all the other, at least equally beautiful places on this playlist.

In 2018, together with writer Ine Verhaert and visual artist Jasper De Ridder, I founded Collectief Ablatief with whom we made, among other things, "Puzzle Me.' A book with images and CD (STROOM).


Music, lyrics and recordings - Sebastiaan Simoens
@ Homestudio
Produced and mixed - Tom Proost
@ Elephant Studio's
Mastering - Gert Van Hoof
@Cochlea Mastering
Bas - Vincent Lembregts

Artwork - Linne van Spaendonk
Published by Collectief Ablatief


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