Somebody Called Me Sebastiaan - English

Somebody Called Me Sebastiaan

Sometimes longing for that which is “different” might be so intense,
that you put everything aside and leave.
That’s exactly what Sebastiaan did:
he left and went on a journey.
Without a plan, and a guitar on his back. Nine months, many questions and one clear answer later, he returned home.
With a cartload of songs, images and inspiration:

'If your dreams don't scare you,

they are not big enough' 

          Thank you

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

The album became an extension of this journey. In order to reflect the purity of his intention, all recordings were done by Sebastiaan Simoens himself. In his attic he used everything available to him: his guitar and voice as building blocks, refined with the floor as a kick, a stool as a snare, percussion instruments from his childhood,…
It took a while, but after six years it’s finally here. Hallelujah. Let’s celebrate!

HERE can you listen to the album
and HERE can you buy the album.

Credits Ablum:

Music and Lyrics: Sebastiaan Simoens


Producer and mixing: Tom Proost

@Elephant Studio

(Raymond Van Het Groenewoud, Axl Peleman)

Mastering: Gert Van Hoof

@Cochlea Mastering

Bass: Vincent Lembregts

(The Radar Station, Noémie Wolfs)

Artwork: Linne Van Spaendonk

Production: Collectief Ablatief